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We recently sat down with Matthew Stanfield of Field 9 Architecture to discuss some of the projects they are working on in the Mansfield Community.


In addition to the Resurrection Parish bell tower, relocation of the Entrepreneurial Kitchen, and the Mansfield Police Department indoor shooting range, Field 9 will be beginning the redesign of the Little Buckeye Children's Museum.


The museum is moving to Park Ave and the main entrance to the old IBM building they will be occupying will be moving to 3rd Avenue to make parking for museum patrons more convenient. The new space will allow for triple the exhibit space.


Moving the museum will move it slightly away from other area attractions, however there is space around the new location that would allow for other businesses to open up. This area is a great opportunity for further revitalization in Downtown Mansfield.


One of the ways Matthew is hoping to help with that revitalization is by studying how to improve the walkability score of Mansfield. If you are wondering what a walkability score is and how it improves business and neighborhoods let's dive into that a bit.


A walk score uses a scientific method to determine how walker friendly a neighborhood is. This means that homes that have easy access to markets, shopping, entertainment, etc. in a short walking distance have a higher walk score. The same methods are used for biking and transit to determine what neighborhoods have the best of each kind of transportation.


A great example of how a higher walk score can improve home values and boost business is downtown Cleveland. In areas such as Ohio City where old warehouses have been converted to luxury condos and there are neighborhood markets and entertainment just steps from where people live the price tag on those condos has risen considerably.


Matthew has been studying how the walk score can be improved in Mansfield so that our area can experience the benefits of the higher walking score. By becoming involved in this area he and Field 9 Architecture are proving themselves a great asset to Mansfield and the surrounding area.


Field 9 is also a Certified Passive House Consultant and available for a variety of projects. Please give them a call if you are in need of a great team to design a space that is suited for you or to redesign your existing space.



Update your older Mansfield Area Home 

Most of the homes in the Mansfield Ohio area are older, but that doesn't mean you can't make your older home more appealing to the younger buyers searching for homes. Selling an older home just means you may need to do a bit of preparation. Here are some tips based on our years of experience and what we have seen in the market to help you get your older home sold.

  1. One of the easiest ways to prepare your home to sell is to clear the clutter. That means a bit more than hanging up coats and putting away shoes though. It means cleaning out closets to show how much storage you have, organizing drawers and cupboards, and clearing all surfaces in your home to make it appealing to someone looking to purchase. One of the big items on a buyer's checklist is storage, so make sure to show your storage areas and closets to their best advantage.
  2. Paint the interior of your home neutral colors, not white. White walls can come across as boring and uninspired and bolder color choices can be offputting to people if their own decor and style won't coordinate with your choices. Look at earth tones or pale gray to give your home a fresh look that will appeal to others.
  3. Purchase a home warranty. The thought of buying a home with an older furnace, hot water tank, and appliances may seem daunting to buyers, but offering the home warranty will help to overcome those fears. A home warranty will help to reduce the hazards of buying an older home if they know the mechanicals are covered.
  4. Do the home repairs you have been putting off. If there are minor leaks or repairs they will show up in a home inspection and buyers will ask them to be repaired in most cases, so getting those items off the list and providing receipts will show that you are taking care of your home and provide the peace of mind a buyer may need in order to move forward with making an offer.
  5. Offer a repair credit. If your home is in need of new flooring you can offer a credit instead of replacing it yourself. In many cases the buyer will be happy to have the credit instead of new carpet or tile because it allows them to choose the flooring for their new home themselves. 

Older homes can be a great investment for the next buyer and highlighting the charm and uniqueness of your older home will help you to get it sold for a great price in the timeframe you need. If you are ready to speak to an expert and get personalized tips and free home valuation. 


One of the most common questions our agents are asked is, "How is the real estate market in Mansfield?" We get asked that so often because our agents have the pulse of this market and what is happening. Below are some stats we have gathered to share with you so that when it comes to buying or selling you will have the very latest information.


New listings on the market for October: 224

Listings under contract for October: 130

Listings sold for October: 187 


As you can see, homes are still selling and there is still a great selection of homes to choose from in the Mansfield real estate market. In fact, now is probably one of the best times to look into buying or selling because the competition is not as tough as it is during the busy summer months. During the fall there are less buyers and sellers so if you're selling that means that you won't be competing with as many homes. If you are buying there are less buyers actively searching so your chances of getting the home you want is better. If you are interested in a home in the Mansfield and the surrounding areas be sure to call our office. Our agents are happy to assist you in finding the perfect home in the Richland, Crawford, and surrounding area. 

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